Portable Single Bottle Suction Machine

We hire out portable single bottle suction devices in Bangalore and around India. We provide our clients a wide range of healthcare supplies. It is a new generation of oil-free lubrication suction device that is suitable for use by patients who have difficulty aspirating liquids like pus and blood during clinical practise. This portable single-bottle suction machine was developed based on the orientation of similar products at home and abroad. It is the medical equipment that is used most frequently for nursing in hospitals and home health care, as well as in the operating room and emergency department. The same terms and conditions that are stated on our website apply to the warranty.website. The guarantee does not cover breakage, water damage, or natural wear and tear. The warranty will be voided if you attempt to fix the product yourself or make unauthorised repairs.

High vacuum,low flow
Power Supply: AC220V 10%, 50Hz 2%
Input power: 90 volts
Limit negative pressure: 0.07 Mpa (760 mm Hg)
Negative pressure regulating range: 0.02 MPalimit negative pressure
Suction rate: 18 L/min
Liquid holder: 1000mL per PC, 1 PC
Sound level: 65 dB (A)
Dimension: 280x196x285(mm)

Portable Double Bottle Suction Machine

Suction devices with transportable twin bottles are available for hire from Emergency Care Solution in Bangalore and around India. A double glass jar with automated and manual pedal action is part of this suction device (20 LPM). It formerly absorbed a large amount of liquid waste. It contains two 2500-ml glass reservoirs that can each hold up to 5 litres of liquid waste while still operating at the ideal pressure to prevent liquid flow backwards. High-grade plastic components are used to improve the equipment’s polish and longevity. Since it is so light, it can be transported anywhere. We maintain and guarantee its quality, and the cost is reasonable and fits your budget. Rent it from us, please, and you may easily use our suction equipment in both the hospital and at home.

completely plastic panel design.
more fancy and fashionable.
It can reduce oil pollution.
easy to carry, with low noise, high negative pressure, and a large flux.
It can be widely applied in surgical operations.
Power Voltage: AC220V, 22V, 50Hz, 1Hz
Max negative pressure? 0.09MPa
Noise: 65 dB (A)
Power: 180 VA
Pumping Rate: 20 L/min

3 Para Monitor & Cardiac Monitor On Rent

With effective & prompt delivery, we bring you the widest choice of multipara monitor (aqua 8), spo2 with nibp (aqua 7), multi parameter patient monitor (aqua 12), multi parameter patient monitor (cms 8000), multiparameter patient montitor (flight 15), and patient monitor 3 para flight-2.

Purchase or Rental of an EVOX Electric Wheelchair

Evox-104 electric wheelchair features:
It’s simple to collapse the Evox-104 electric wheelchair.
Manual and electric modes of operation
reclining footrests and backrests Using a remote control, position may be accomplished.
Evox-104 Electric’s controller Both sides of a wheelchair can be fixed.
Controller Attendant (Optional)
Anti-tippers provide additional protection
Manual and magnetic parking brakes

Battery compartment that may be removed for simple recharging

Dimensions of the Evox-104 electric wheelchair:

  • 45 cm. seat width

43.5 cm is the seat depth

Height of backrest: 39.5 cm

50 cm for seat height

37 cm, folded width

8-inch front wheel (20.32 cm)

12 inch rear wheel (30.48 cm)

What is inside the box?





a leg guard

energy adapter


sturdiness wheels

user manual

Rent a reclining wheelchair in Bangalore

Foldable wheelchair constructed of M-Steel frame is called Reclining Wheelchair. The armrests, headrest, and leg rests of the wheelchair are all detachable. Moreover, the leg rest may be raised. Push-to-lock brakes are available for safety. The wheelchair’s upholstery is made of stainless steel and rexine, which also contributes to the comfort of the item. The product may be utilised to shift and move the user easily for their helpers.

Buy or rent any electric wheelchair nearby

A foldable electric wheelchair with a mild steel frame is called the BLR EMERGENCY CARE Folding Motorized/Electric Wheelchair. The product’s exquisite appearance makes it appropriate for the challenging Indian terrain. The product’s battery may be taken out and replaced. After charged, the dry battery can go for around 15 kilometres. The product’s travel features include a footplate that can be removed and a partially foldable backrest. The nylon mesh cushioned upholstery provides the user with a comfortable experience. An adjustable joystick is available for Electra Eco control, and it may be positioned anywhere the user likes (left or right handed). The user-adjustable joystick can be positioned as desired (left or right handed). The wheels have a knob that the user may use to convert.The chair may switch between manual and electric modes. Electra Eco can support users weighing up to 100 kg.

EMERGENCY CARE BLR An electric power wheelchair that is foldable and has an M-Steel frame is known as a motorised or electric wheelchair. The stylish item is designed to withstand the challenging Indian terrain.
It operates on a removable dry battery. With just one charge, the user may go around 15 kilometres.
The wheelchair is portable thanks to its folding frame, partially folding backrest, and detachable leg rest.
The user-adjustable joystick can be positioned as desired (left or right-handed). The user may switch the chair from electric to manual and vice versa using the knob on the wheels.
available in Bangalore for monthly rent.
You may reach our customer service by calling +91 9739354555 or +91 8884402266 (Rental) if you need help executive.

Hiring a Wheelchair in Bangalore

Bangalore offers rental wheelchairs.
In Bangalore, wheelchairs of various types are offered for sale and hire at the cheapest prices by BLR EMERGENCY CARE. We provide manual reclining wheelchairs, motorised wheelchairs, standard folding wheelchairs, and wheelchairs with commodes.

Wheelchairs with motors and recliners are more comfortable and can support up to 120 kg.
In Bangalore, wheelchairs are delivered to homes by BLR EMERGENCY CARE. Our wheelchair rentals are highly dependable and reasonably priced.

ICU 3 Function Hospital Cot Motorized Cot

ICU 3 function beds are special hospital beds designed for ICUs to handle critically ill patients. Height, back, and knee rest may all be adjusted on ICU hospital beds that have three automated functions that are controlled by a remote. Operating will be simpler, and patient comfort levels will be excellent.

Arrex, Shambho Life Solution, and Surgix are brands.

The Jeicang/T-motion motor controls all three actions.
Easy access and a fashionable appearance are provided by separable ABS head and foot bows with laminated panels.
side railings made of collapsible aluminium. Four-section perforated tops, an epoxy-coated mild steel frame, and castors.
Corner rubber/PU buffers absorb impact and minimise handling damage. Backrest tilt range: 0-75o
Tilt of the knee rest: 0-35o
function for adjusting height

ICU 5 Function Bed – Medical Supplies


BLR Emergency Care rents and sells equipment and offers support to ICU 5 Function bed-dependent patients. We can assist you in determining the appropriate product and administration range for your needs.

ICU 5 function beds are one-of-a-kind hospital beds designed for critical patients in intensive care units. ICU Beds combine astute ergonomics with cutting-edge technology and simple operation.

As a result, ICU beds provide both safety and comfort to patients and guardians. We provide both electrical and mechanical ICU beds. Caregivers may tilt and modify the height of the ICU bed.

The bed frame is built of rectangular M.S. tube, while the four-section top is made of perforated M.S. sheet. This device was designed to fulfil the highest security standards for medical equipment.


ICU bed (5 functions) with mechanically controlled backrest, knee rest tilting 0-35°, Trendelenburg 0-20°/reverse Trendelenburg 0-20° (TR/RTR), and height position.
ABS track away safety side railings provide side support.


Measurements are as follows: L: 2140mm H: 420 – 720mm
Four Parts at the Top
Mild steel is used for the framework.
Gorgeous Epoxy Powder Coating Finish
125mm diameter castors
Centralized Braking System
Wired Remote Control is the control panel.
Long-term bedridden patients, post-operative care, hospital beds, and rehab motorised back and knee rests, height adjustments, and side rails


Bipap Philips Machine for Rent

Details on Philips Respironics BIPAP Auto

BIPAP Auto from Philips Respironics. The new series of BiPAP auto machines now includes system one thanks to this device. The PR BiPAP with Bi-flex is an intelligent system that offers the best possible sleep treatment by understanding when, why, and how modifications should be made. It is the finest device currently on the market for identifying and treating sleep apnea. Moreover, it enhances sleep treatment.


It is used to improve sleep treatment.
It aids in the detection and treatment of sleep apnea.

Specs and features of the product:

It contains buttons for controlling the beginning Ramp pressure.
To put up an effective display, the electrical requirements should be between 100 – 240 VDC, 50 Hz LCD/Control wheel or encore software assistance device.
Access in real time for improved compliance and efficacy
Algorithms for enhanced event detection that have been clinically proven
Encore makes patient management easier.
Humidity control technology for more effective and pleasant therapy
Three treatment options are appropriate for all patients.
There are CPAP, fixed bi-level, and auto bi-level modes on the BiPAP Auto Bi-flex system.

Instructions for use: Use only as advised by a doctor and under the supervision of a person.

Warning: Keep it out of reach of youngsters.
Store it in a cool, dry location.
Before using, carefully read the directions.
With medical supervision, use


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