Portable Double Bottle Suction Machine

Suction devices with transportable twin bottles are available for hire from Emergency Care Solution in Bangalore and around India. A double glass jar with automated and manual pedal action is part of this suction device (20 LPM). It formerly absorbed a large amount of liquid waste. It contains two 2500-ml glass reservoirs that can each hold up to 5 litres of liquid waste while still operating at the ideal pressure to prevent liquid flow backwards. High-grade plastic components are used to improve the equipment’s polish and longevity. Since it is so light, it can be transported anywhere. We maintain and guarantee its quality, and the cost is reasonable and fits your budget. Rent it from us, please, and you may easily use our suction equipment in both the hospital and at home.

completely plastic panel design.
more fancy and fashionable.
It can reduce oil pollution.
easy to carry, with low noise, high negative pressure, and a large flux.
It can be widely applied in surgical operations.
Power Voltage: AC220V, 22V, 50Hz, 1Hz
Max negative pressure? 0.09MPa
Noise: 65 dB (A)
Power: 180 VA
Pumping Rate: 20 L/min

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