Portable Single Bottle Suction Machine

We hire out portable single bottle suction devices in Bangalore and around India. We provide our clients a wide range of healthcare supplies. It is a new generation of oil-free lubrication suction device that is suitable for use by patients who have difficulty aspirating liquids like pus and blood during clinical practise. This portable single-bottle suction machine was developed based on the orientation of similar products at home and abroad. It is the medical equipment that is used most frequently for nursing in hospitals and home health care, as well as in the operating room and emergency department. The same terms and conditions that are stated on our website apply to the warranty.website. The guarantee does not cover breakage, water damage, or natural wear and tear. The warranty will be voided if you attempt to fix the product yourself or make unauthorised repairs.

High vacuum,low flow
Power Supply: AC220V 10%, 50Hz 2%
Input power: 90 volts
Limit negative pressure: 0.07 Mpa (760 mm Hg)
Negative pressure regulating range: 0.02 MPalimit negative pressure
Suction rate: 18 L/min
Liquid holder: 1000mL per PC, 1 PC
Sound level: 65 dB (A)
Dimension: 280x196x285(mm)

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