ICU 3 Function Hospital Cot Motorized Cot

ICU 3 function beds are special hospital beds designed for ICUs to handle critically ill patients. Height, back, and knee rest may all be adjusted on ICU hospital beds that have three automated functions that are controlled by a remote. Operating will be simpler, and patient comfort levels will be excellent.

Arrex, Shambho Life Solution, and Surgix are brands.

The Jeicang/T-motion motor controls all three actions.
Easy access and a fashionable appearance are provided by separable ABS head and foot bows with laminated panels.
side railings made of collapsible aluminium. Four-section perforated tops, an epoxy-coated mild steel frame, and castors.
Corner rubber/PU buffers absorb impact and minimise handling damage. Backrest tilt range: 0-75o
Tilt of the knee rest: 0-35o
function for adjusting height

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