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A foldable electric wheelchair with a mild steel frame is called the BLR EMERGENCY CARE Folding Motorized/Electric Wheelchair. The product’s exquisite appearance makes it appropriate for the challenging Indian terrain. The product’s battery may be taken out and replaced. After charged, the dry battery can go for around 15 kilometres. The product’s travel features include a footplate that can be removed and a partially foldable backrest. The nylon mesh cushioned upholstery provides the user with a comfortable experience. An adjustable joystick is available for Electra Eco control, and it may be positioned anywhere the user likes (left or right handed). The user-adjustable joystick can be positioned as desired (left or right handed). The wheels have a knob that the user may use to convert.The chair may switch between manual and electric modes. Electra Eco can support users weighing up to 100 kg.

EMERGENCY CARE BLR An electric power wheelchair that is foldable and has an M-Steel frame is known as a motorised or electric wheelchair. The stylish item is designed to withstand the challenging Indian terrain.
It operates on a removable dry battery. With just one charge, the user may go around 15 kilometres.
The wheelchair is portable thanks to its folding frame, partially folding backrest, and detachable leg rest.
The user-adjustable joystick can be positioned as desired (left or right-handed). The user may switch the chair from electric to manual and vice versa using the knob on the wheels.
available in Bangalore for monthly rent.
You may reach our customer service by calling +91 9739354555 or +91 8884402266 (Rental) if you need help executive.

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