C-PAP Machine

Buy or Rent 10 litre Oxygen Concentrator BangalorePhilips has hired out the highest-quality C-PAP equipment in Bangalore and India, including a Remstar Auto CPAP from Respironics. The design aims to provide outstanding treatment, improve patient comfort, and offer necessary compliance tools. The equipment can be used at home or in a hospital, and Philips ensures the highest quality is upheld and provides excellent service.

Delivers continuous positive airway pressure.
automatically adjusting the pressure level to meet your needs.
Auto-Trial mode is limited to a specific number of days, which is set by your physician.
C-Flex: Provides pressure relief upon exhalation to improve comfort based on your needs.
A-Flex/C-Flex+—Provides pressure relief taking place at the end of inhalation.
Improve comfort based on your needs.
When providing auto-CPAP or auto-trial therapy, this comfort feature is called A-Flex.
When providing CPAP or CPAP-Check therapy, this comfort feature is called C-Flex+.

Portable Single Bottle Suction Machine

We hire out portable single bottle suction devices in Bangalore and around India. We provide our clients a wide range of healthcare supplies. It is a new generation of oil-free lubrication suction device that is suitable for use by patients who have difficulty aspirating liquids like pus and blood during clinical practise. This portable single-bottle suction machine was developed based on the orientation of similar products at home and abroad. It is the medical equipment that is used most frequently for nursing in hospitals and home health care, as well as in the operating room and emergency department. The same terms and conditions that are stated on our website apply to the warranty.website. The guarantee does not cover breakage, water damage, or natural wear and tear. The warranty will be voided if you attempt to fix the product yourself or make unauthorised repairs.

High vacuum,low flow
Power Supply: AC220V 10%, 50Hz 2%
Input power: 90 volts
Limit negative pressure: 0.07 Mpa (760 mm Hg)
Negative pressure regulating range: 0.02 MPalimit negative pressure
Suction rate: 18 L/min
Liquid holder: 1000mL per PC, 1 PC
Sound level: 65 dB (A)
Dimension: 280x196x285(mm)

Portable Double Bottle Suction Machine

Suction devices with transportable twin bottles are available for hire from Emergency Care Solution in Bangalore and around India. A double glass jar with automated and manual pedal action is part of this suction device (20 LPM). It formerly absorbed a large amount of liquid waste. It contains two 2500-ml glass reservoirs that can each hold up to 5 litres of liquid waste while still operating at the ideal pressure to prevent liquid flow backwards. High-grade plastic components are used to improve the equipment’s polish and longevity. Since it is so light, it can be transported anywhere. We maintain and guarantee its quality, and the cost is reasonable and fits your budget. Rent it from us, please, and you may easily use our suction equipment in both the hospital and at home.

completely plastic panel design.
more fancy and fashionable.
It can reduce oil pollution.
easy to carry, with low noise, high negative pressure, and a large flux.
It can be widely applied in surgical operations.
Power Voltage: AC220V, 22V, 50Hz, 1Hz
Max negative pressure? 0.09MPa
Noise: 65 dB (A)
Power: 180 VA
Pumping Rate: 20 L/min

Oxygen Concentrator on Hire JP Nagar

  1. BLR Emergency Care connects you to a network of qualified and trained oxygen cylinder (medical equipment) providers in Bangalore. Get your life back on track in no time so you can continue focusing on the important things. Here are a few reasons to use BLR Emergency Care to connect with oxygen cylinder (medical equipment) providers: A huge selection of top oxygen cylinder (medical equipment) service providers in Bangalore Connect instantly with Oxygen Cylinder (Medical Equipment) service providers. Request service quotes from various oxygen cylinder (medical equipment) providers before choosing one that suits your requirements the best. Avail the best deals within your budget with minimal effort. How can BLR Emergency Care help? BLR Emergency Care helps you by doing away with the need to locate the right technician to address your problem. Our service partners must adhere to certain standards of quality and punctuality. When it comes to Oxygen Cylinder (Medical Equipment) professionals, fill up the online form with relevant details, and we will put you in touch with a good Oxygen Cylinder (Medical Equipment) expert near you from Bangalore. Then, simply schedule the times and dates as per your convenience. The immense network of service providers on BLR Emergency Care helps you connect with a suitable professional in as little as 15 minutes. You will receive multiple quotes, and you can zero in on the right technician after comparing these. With BLR Emergency Care, you can fulfil any and every urgent or day-to-day need easily and conveniently.

Hire an Oxygen Concentrator in JP Nagar

Is your patient suffering from critical problems in JP Nagar and in need of pure air? Are you looking for oxygen concentrators for rent in JP Nagar? Then is BLR Emergency Care the one where you can buy or rent portable oxygen concentrators in JP Nagar at the best prices.

Buy Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Rent in Jp Nagar

You can purchase this advanced medical equipment and provide proper medical treatment for patients in JP Nagar. Our oxygen concentrator is a piece of portable medical equipment that is easy to use. We recommend you Buy Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Rent in JP Nagar. 

Rent Portable Oxygen Concentrator in Jp Nagar

Despite hospitals and medical facilities, any household can effectively utilise a mobile and portable oxygen concentrator in JP Nagar. We are a trusted brand and give service support to our clients in JP Nagar. You can rely on us to help you rent a portable oxygen concentrator in JP Nagar

3 Para Monitor & Cardiac Monitor On Rent

With effective & prompt delivery, we bring you the widest choice of multipara monitor (aqua 8), spo2 with nibp (aqua 7), multi parameter patient monitor (aqua 12), multi parameter patient monitor (cms 8000), multiparameter patient montitor (flight 15), and patient monitor 3 para flight-2.

Cylinder of oxygen for Home usage

Cylinder of oxygen for Home Usage

A high-pressure, non-reactive, seamless, tempered steel oxygen cylinder is a container for compressed gas (o2) used for medicinal, curative, or diagnostic reasons. In order to sustain aerobic metabolism while the patient is being transported, it provides additional oxygen. Depending on the needs of the patient, we operate in various capacities.

How is it beneficial?

improves oxygen availability in a variety of circumstances, including COPD, cyanosis, shock, severe bleeding, carbon monoxide poisoning, significant trauma, and cardiac/respiratory arrest, to restore tissue oxygen tension.
Recovery from AIDS
gives patients who are being artificially ventilated life support.
stabilises the cardiovascular system
If you have any inquiries about the oxygen cylinder for sale or rental, please get in touch with us.

BiPAP Device For Rent or Sale in Bangalore

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure, or simply BiPAP, are nearly identical in function and construction (CPAP machine). It is a non-invasive form of treatment for those who have breathing problems, particularly sleep apnea. With a mask, BiPAP offers pressured air. By creating pressured air, the device keeps the muscles in the throat from collapsing and lessens congestion.

Who needs to use bipap therapy?
those who experience sleep apnea

patients suffering from cardiopulmonary conditions like cardiac arrest

Where CPAP fails to give the patient enough care

individuals with lung conditions, COPD, and neuromuscular difficulties

Buy or Rent 10 litre Oxygen Concentrator Bangalore

Oxy-med eco 10 liters Oxygen Concentrator is designed to supply high purity oxygen. It comes with advanced technology and good quality compressor and sieve. This is one of the best oxygen concentrators which runs at very low noise levels. This machine is comfortable to use at home as well as in the clinical setup. High quality oxygen is provided by the Oxymed 10 litre oxygen concentrator. It has cutting-edge technology as well as a compressor and sieve of the highest calibre. One of the greatest oxygen concentrators, it operates with very little noise. Both in a clinical setting and at home, this gadget is comfortable to use.

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