C-PAP Machine

Buy or Rent 10 litre Oxygen Concentrator BangalorePhilips has hired out the highest-quality C-PAP equipment in Bangalore and India, including a Remstar Auto CPAP from Respironics. The design aims to provide outstanding treatment, improve patient comfort, and offer necessary compliance tools. The equipment can be used at home or in a hospital, and Philips ensures the highest quality is upheld and provides excellent service.

Delivers continuous positive airway pressure.
automatically adjusting the pressure level to meet your needs.
Auto-Trial mode is limited to a specific number of days, which is set by your physician.
C-Flex: Provides pressure relief upon exhalation to improve comfort based on your needs.
A-Flex/C-Flex+—Provides pressure relief taking place at the end of inhalation.
Improve comfort based on your needs.
When providing auto-CPAP or auto-trial therapy, this comfort feature is called A-Flex.
When providing CPAP or CPAP-Check therapy, this comfort feature is called C-Flex+.

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