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Oxy-Med Mini Oxygen Concentrator 5Liters


Oxy-med Mini Oxygen Concentrator is portable, small oxygen concentrating equipment which uses Principle Swing Adsorption technology. It separates oxygen from atmospheric air and produces oxygen continuously. It is used to assist the treatment of pulmonary diseases and obstructive lung diseases. It is applicable to various hospitals and home use. It has an oxygen generating host, flow indicator, warning system and nebulization interface.



Operating Environment:

Temperature                                                :               +5˚C ~ +40˚C

Humidity                                                      :               15% ~ 93%

Technical Parameters:

Rated power                                 :               390 VA

Working Voltage                           :               230V

Rated Flow                                   :               5 L/Min

Oxygen Concentration                   :               93 ± 3%

Nebulizer Function                        :               Yes

Noise                                           :               ≤40 Db (A)

Weight                                         :               13.9 KG

Dimension (mm)                          :               314 x 240 x515

Outlet Pressure                            :               40 – 80 Kpa

Low purity Alarm                          :               Yes

High/Low Pressure Alarm              :               Yes

High/Low Voltage Alarm                :               Yes

Flow Indicator                               :               Yes

SPO2 Sensor Interface                   :               Yes



Compact and portable

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)Technology

Nebulization Interface

Flow 5 Ltr/Min

SPO2 Sensor interface

3 years warranty


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