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Dr Trust USA 10 liter Oxygen Concentrator



Rental: ₹ 6000/Month
3 months – ₹ 12499
6 months – ₹ 18599
1 year – ₹ 23999



Dr Trust USA 10 liter Oxygen Concentrator

In The Box: OC + Humidifier bottle + Connection pipe of humidifier bottle + Filter foam + Instruction manual + Nasal Cannula- 2m- 1 set

Warranty: 6 Months

Free Video Support for installation

Superior Efficiency- The Dr Trust Oxygen Concentrator 10 L -1103 offers the highest medical-grade oxygen concentration therapy. It is leading the way with the delivery of > 90% pure 10 liters oxygen output per minute.

Durable and Easy to Transport – Compact design is durable to withstand long-term use. This has integrated a few parts and connections allowing you to save money on accessories. It also takes up small space and reduces the chances of injury during transportation.

Safe and User-Friendly- It comes with alarm indicators to keep you informed about its operations. Alarm sounds in the case of low system pressure and no oxygen flow or low level of oxygen. It is made according to the Respironics quality guidelines and safe for use.

LED Display – LED display indicates all about the operating pressure with oxygen purity level. The oxygen purity percentage is indicated in 3 different colors on the screen, which helps you know the oxygen level better.

Less Noisy with Easy Setting– Incredibly quiet as produces up to 45 dB level sound. It could be widely used in homes, clinics, elderly nursing homes, etc. Setting time, alarms, and level of oxygen purity, etc is easy.

When you are looking for an efficient and portable oxygen concentrator, then Dr Trust USA Oxygen Concentrator 10 L -1103 is surely the best choice to consider. We have designed it keeping home caregivers in mind thus featured wheels to make it super portable. The machine also has a compact body that does not require a huge space to place it.  It produces less heat and sound so that patients can use it comfortably. It had an LED screen for easy understanding of settings and warning indications. The machine provides more than 90% oxygen purity at levels up to 10 L per minute flow. The unit is simpler to use and maintain as it has a smaller number of attachments or accessories.


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