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Svaach Basic Adult Diaper Sticker Type Large 10s


Svaach basic adult diapers are carefully designed to provide utmost comfort and maintain hygiene life to the people with moderate incontinence. The inner layers of the diaper are made of high quality pulp and polymer. With specially designed high speed linking channels, turning liquid spreads fast all over the pad to be absorbed speedily to make surface dry. Soft and fitted leakage guards helps stops leakage, thus you can use it far more safely. The dry surface of the diaper is made of high quality non woven material which will speedily absorb liquid and avoid seepage. Outer layer of the diaper is made of soft noiseless waterproof back sheet with wetness indicator.

Size Large
Waste Size 101 – 152 cm (40″-60″)
Packing 10 diapers per pack
Style Sticker Type
usage Unisex


Premium softness

Triple leakage protection

Super absorbent layer

Odour shield

Wetness Indicator

Comfortable fit

Waste Size: 101 – 152 cm (40″-60″)

Best choice for moderate incontinence


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