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Oxymed Oxygen Concentrator 10 Ltr



Rental: ₹ 6500/Month
3 months – ₹ 11499
6 months – ₹ 19999
1 year – ₹ 28999



  • 2 Years Warranty | 22 Service Centers across India

    Oxymed Oxygen Concentrator 10 ltrs Min

    • Flow rate 1-10 LPM, with an increment of 0.5 LPM
    • High / Low voltage Alarm Sensors
    • PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Technology
    • Inbuilt Nebulizer and Timer (10 MIN to 5 HOURS)
    • Alarms for Low Oxygen purity, Low pressure, Power Outage and defective information is displayed on the screen
    • HEPA filter and Bacteria filter from Italy. Five-stage filters keeps away most of impurity, bacteria and PM (particulate matter) 2.5 microns.
    • Easy to store, transport and deliver
    • Oxygen Purity : 93%(+3%,-3%)
    • Dual bottle with dual Flow Meter
    • Mechanical flow regulator with an interval of 0.5L/MIN.
    • Big displacement compressor ensures 30% longer life span, suitable for 24 hours continue running with, service Interval Indicator
    • Noise reduction technology < 50db
    • Re-settable Circuit breaker
    • It requires a stabilizer 2KVA
    • PAN India Service Network
    • When the oxygen concentration is <90%, the oxygen concentrator’s alarm will trigger.*
    • When oxygen concentration fault conditions (over heat alarm, power outage alarm), oxygen concentration stops running, the output of oxygen flow rate is 0L/mi*
    • Oxygen is the necessity of life and it is always a good concept to keep an oxygen concentrator handy. A good quality concentrator is prudent to have otherwise poor quality can be of no help. Oxymed oxygen concentrator 10 liter mini is the perfect oxygen supply that you can be kept at home. Get extra primary and secondary filter free with every oxymed oxygen concentrator with an inbuilt nebulizer option.

      Key Features of Oxymed oxygen concentrator 10 liter mini:-

      • Oxymed oxygen concentrator 10 liter mini has a flow rate of 1-10LPM with an increment of 0.5LPM.

      • It alarms you with a high/low voltage alarm sensor

      • It is versed with PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Technology

      • It has an inbuilt nebulizer and timer (10MINto 5 HOURs)

      • It alarms for low oxygen purity, low pressure, power outage and defective information displayed on the screen.

      • The HEPA filter and bacteria filter has been imported from Italy. Five stage filters keep away most of the impurity, bacteria and PM 2.5 microns

      • They are easy to store, transport and deliver.

      • The purity of oxygen is 93% (+3%,-3)

      • Dual bottle with dual flow meter

      These are some of the features that can be the reason to buy one for yourself and your family. You also don’t have to be bothered about oxymed oxygen concentrator 10 liter price. They are affordable and you can buy them easily. Medequip is the proud distributor of these Oxymed oxygen concentrator 10 liter mini online. So, there is a trusted brand behind these Oxymed mini 10 ltr oxygen concentrators.

      Apart from the fact that oxymed oxygen concentrator 10 liter price is easy to pay, they are also preferred as they are user-friendly.

      Let your loved ones have a secure environment around them with these lifesaving oxymed 10 liter oxygen concentrator.

      So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now!


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