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Oxymed BiPAP I Series P1


Model Name Oxymed BPAP
Model no i Series P1
Modes CPAP, S mode, T mode, S/T mode, VAT mode and PC mode
Pressure Range IPAP-4-30cm H2O
Pressure Range EPAP-2-25cm H2O
Pressure accuracy +/-0.2cm H2O
Respiratory rate 0-30 BPM
Tidal Volume 200-1500 ml
Ramp Time 0-45 mins (5 minute increments)
I:E Ratio 1:4
Max Operation Pressure 30cm
Humidification Level 1-5 levels (113 to 185 ° F/23 to 85 °C)
Rise Time 1-6 levels
Data storage capacity 16GB USB disk
Weight 1 . 1 Kg without humidifier, 1 . 9 Kg with humidifier
Mean Sound Level < 30 dB
Mask Full Face Mask
Leak Compensation 60LPM
Peak Flow 180LPM
Alarms High Pressure, Low MV, Low TV & Leak
Data management Yes ( 1day, 7 days and 30 days) of detailed data stored in the device


Oxymed’s respiratory and sleep devices are recognized by some of the top doctors in India for their therapeutic benefits and design excellence.

Oxymed’s i-series has helped thousands of patients in India to sleep better, feel better and live a better life. These quiet, easy-to-use, travel-friendly devices, combined with Oxymed’s well-fitted Nasal Mask help deal with Sleep Apnoea for a good night’s sleep, happy, healthy, and energetic life.

  • 2 Years warranty
  • CE 0123 Certified
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Registered


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