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LifeEzy Tripod Stick


It is perfect for individuals who have undergone surgery and are facing mobility issues due to weakness. The base of the walking stick for patients is a tripod to provide better support and balance for the walker. The rubber shoe added to the bottom ensures the stick is skid-resistant to provide optimum confidence to the walker using it. The base of the walking stick for patients is made of a tripod with three leg supports, which gives patients confidence while using it. It is the best walking stick for adults if you have knee pain, back pain, or any spinal problem leading to difficulty in mobility. This stick is made of the best quality aluminium, which ensures that the stick is lightweight so that the user does not have to put much force into using it. The height-adjustable feature of this stick makes it a universal fit.



Premium height adjustable aluminium tripod walking stick

Color: Silver

Material : Aluminium


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