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Karma Aurora 4 Reclining Wheelchair


Karma Aurora 4 is a standard version of recline series, especially designed for long-term user and stroke patients. It’s full detachable armrests and elevating leg rest offer great convenience to transfer. The ergonomic headrest and adjustable backrest allow users to sit and lie down comfortably.

Model Name Aurora 4
Material Ultra-light aluminum
Width 67 Cm
Seat Length 18 CM
Weight capacity 110kg
Wheelchair Width 67 Cm
Wheelchair Minimum Width 99 CM
Wheelchair Length 130 CM
Seat Height from Ground 51 cm
Wheelchair Height 94 CM
Back Height 44 CM
Wheelchair Weight 23 Kg


Recline function from 90 to 163 degree

Detachable Armrest

Elevating Footrest

Detachable and Height adjustable Head rest

Weight capacity 110 Kg


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