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Kare In Classic Adult Diaper Pants 10s Medium


Kare In adult diaper is the best solution for people with a moderate level of incontinence. It is a unisex adult diaper with 8-10 hours of absorbency. Its straight inside channel provides better acquisition and equal fluid distribution. Its soft cotton-like top sheet ensures a soft and comfortable feel. Super-absorbent gel core helps to lock the fluid quickly. its wetness indicator indicates you to change the diaper. Its leg cuffs assure a good fit and protection against leakage. Its refastenable tape ensures a comfortable fit.

Size Medium
Waiste Size 30″ – 40″ (75 – 100 cm)
Packing 10 pieces / pack
Style Pull up (Pants style)
Usage Unisex


High absorbent gel

Elastic stretch panels

Zero side leakage

Tear away side seams


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