Manual Fowler’s Bed

The Fowler Bed Manual is a reliable product that is used all over the world. The firm that produces and supplies Fowler Bed Manual is well-known for its high-quality goods, welcoming customer service, and professional attitude. To read the specifications and reviews, scroll down.

Typical Features:

Fowler bed with a knee rest that is mechanically adjustable and a back rest that is turned by a smooth crank.
Dimensions: L 2100mm, W 980mm, and H 500mm.
detachable and replaceable HDPE the head and foot panels.
Side rails made of collapsible aluminium.
mild steel frame with an epoxy coating and a 4-section perforated top.
noiseless castors with separate brakes, 125mm dia.
I.V. Rod provision: 4 (Corners).

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