ICU 3 Function Hospital Cot Motorized Cot

ICU 3 function beds are special hospital beds designed for ICUs to handle critically ill patients. Height, back, and knee rest may all be adjusted on ICU hospital beds that have three automated functions that are controlled by a remote. Operating will be simpler, and patient comfort levels will be excellent.

Arrex, Shambho Life Solution, and Surgix are brands.

The Jeicang/T-motion motor controls all three actions.
Easy access and a fashionable appearance are provided by separable ABS head and foot bows with laminated panels.
side railings made of collapsible aluminium. Four-section perforated tops, an epoxy-coated mild steel frame, and castors.
Corner rubber/PU buffers absorb impact and minimise handling damage. Backrest tilt range: 0-75o
Tilt of the knee rest: 0-35o
function for adjusting height

ICU 5 Function Bed – Medical Supplies


BLR Emergency Care rents and sells equipment and offers support to ICU 5 Function bed-dependent patients. We can assist you in determining the appropriate product and administration range for your needs.

ICU 5 function beds are one-of-a-kind hospital beds designed for critical patients in intensive care units. ICU Beds combine astute ergonomics with cutting-edge technology and simple operation.

As a result, ICU beds provide both safety and comfort to patients and guardians. We provide both electrical and mechanical ICU beds. Caregivers may tilt and modify the height of the ICU bed.

The bed frame is built of rectangular M.S. tube, while the four-section top is made of perforated M.S. sheet. This device was designed to fulfil the highest security standards for medical equipment.


ICU bed (5 functions) with mechanically controlled backrest, knee rest tilting 0-35°, Trendelenburg 0-20°/reverse Trendelenburg 0-20° (TR/RTR), and height position.
ABS track away safety side railings provide side support.


Measurements are as follows: L: 2140mm H: 420 – 720mm
Four Parts at the Top
Mild steel is used for the framework.
Gorgeous Epoxy Powder Coating Finish
125mm diameter castors
Centralized Braking System
Wired Remote Control is the control panel.
Long-term bedridden patients, post-operative care, hospital beds, and rehab motorised back and knee rests, height adjustments, and side rails


Manual Fowler’s Bed

The Fowler Bed Manual is a reliable product that is used all over the world. The firm that produces and supplies Fowler Bed Manual is well-known for its high-quality goods, welcoming customer service, and professional attitude. To read the specifications and reviews, scroll down.

Typical Features:

Fowler bed with a knee rest that is mechanically adjustable and a back rest that is turned by a smooth crank.
Dimensions: L 2100mm, W 980mm, and H 500mm.
detachable and replaceable HDPE the head and foot panels.
Side rails made of collapsible aluminium.
mild steel frame with an epoxy coating and a 4-section perforated top.
noiseless castors with separate brakes, 125mm dia.
I.V. Rod provision: 4 (Corners).

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